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Downtown Property Tax Revenues Grow  February 27, 2018

$32 million dollars - that's how much Downtown Chattanooga produced in property tax revenue for the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County in 2017. The figure increases to $44.5 million dollars when the NorthShore is included. But, how does that help you?  

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Goodbye Neural Alley February 27, 2018

Our last remaining temporary Passageways installation, Neural Alley, is coming down the week of March 5th. Grab your friends, go rearrange the blocks one last time and share your favorite photos on social media of this alley with us using the hashtag #PassagewaysCHA. 

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Have a Project for Clean and Green? February 27, 2018

Have you noticed an area of Downtown Chattanooga that could use a little love? A wall that needs painted? Flowers that need planted? A bench that needs built? Identify the problem, tell us your solution and let’s work together to make it happen! Clean and Green is happening April 21st, but we need your ideas on special projects for this volunteer event by March 2nd.

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CURB - Chattanooga Urbanists February 27, 2018

Have a desire to learn more about how design and planning affect our city's look and feel? Or just want to meet some cool people who are doing fun projects in Chattanooga? A joint program of River City Company and the Chattanooga Design Studio, CURB is a newly forming group that needs you.

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Streets: One Way vs. Two Way February 27, 2018

​When’s the last time you needed to go down a street only to realize it’s a one-way going the opposite way of what you need? One-way streets are a common occurrence in downtown areas, but are they good for the health of cities?

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Market City Center: Downtown Chattanooga Development February 27, 2018

10 stories, 125 apartments, 40,000+ square feet of commercial space - Check out this quick video that reminds us of the before, a time lapse of the 18 month build out and the finished Market City Center.

Thank you to Tennessee Valley Credit Union for letting us access your roof to make this video possible

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